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Published: January 17, 2020

Delicious is Only the Beginning

The Dallas restaurant scene has spoiled everyone. In a town where mediocre won't open, and the longest-lived names in dining go down in flames, being delicious is only the beginning of making it. At 12 Cuts Brazilian Steakhouse, you get more than a meal - here you get an experience. Luxurious details are part of the experience. Everyone expects to see wine paired with a meal - but what do you get when every item on the menu works well with everything else? Again, this is the Churrascaria experience, and it all begins as soon as you step through the door. As you are seated, you see the long and inviting organic salad bar. Full of the freshest fruits and vegetables the market can offer, it is easy to get lost there. Behind the salad bar is the spit grilling area where magical things happen - delicious magic

Delicious is only the beginning

Take your seat and let the waiter entice you to enjoy a fresh drink from the bar. Step out of the ordinary and try caipirinhas, a traditional drink full of flavor and fresh ingredients. Request agave nectar instead of sugar, and you are in for a special treat. For the full taste of 12 Cuts, ask for the Churrasco Experience that takes you to the organic salad bar, the hot specialty bar, and all the cuts of meat you can handle. Fresh plates and silverware are always available, and your waitstaff is your persona guides to this wonderland. Turn your token to green and watch the flurry of gauchos tempt you with different cuts of meat, including pork, beef, and lamb. If you see grilled pineapple, grab some quick. Filet mignon and ribeye are easy to spot, and you can get the doneness you crave. Dinner is served - in style.

Discover that delicious is only the beginning at 12 Cuts Brazilian Steakhouse. Reserve your table for a dining experience like no other.

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