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Published: March 6, 2020

Dinner Salad Bar - Only at 12 Cuts

12 Cuts Brazilian Steakhouse is home to the finest 12 cuts of prime beef. Each is delicately cooked on skewers over open flames to perfection. But there is more to the 12 Cuts experience than perfectly cooked meats. You can also indulge yourself with a fantastic organic salad bar. This farm to table organic salad bar is more than a meal in itself. The organic salad bar offerings pair well with the full churrasco experience or all on its own. You can eat light and well at 12 Cuts with the Dinner Salad Bar menu option. Are you missing out by skipping the delectable meats? Not at all. The secret to the perfect organic salad bar is how 12 Cuts makes every meal an experience. The next time you take your family or clients out to dinner, choose the Dinner Salad Bar, and you won't be disappointed - or hungry.

Dinner Salad Bar - Only at 12 Cuts

Your new Dinner Salad Bar experience gives you more than you imagined a salad bar could. This starts with only the freshest fruits and vegetables. Taste the difference farm to table selections make when you enjoy the dinner salad bar. Your Dinner Salad Bar selection also includes a fantastic variety of hot specialty dishes. Imagine the fresh taste of organic farm-fresh fruits and vegetables next to the hot specialties steeped in Brazilian and Argentinian tradition. But your salad bar experience doesn't end with what comes out of the garden. Treat yourself to the finest and freshest cheeses that pair perfectly with the Dinner Salad Bar menu option. Some cheeses stand alone; others are paired into familiar dishes. Everything is delicious. You can also indulge in something off the skewer that is a little unexpected - grilled pineapple. Give yourself something unique and make trip after trip to the salad bar.

Eat light and well at 12 Cuts when you treat yourself to the Dinner Salad Bar menu option. Enjoy their delicious organic salad bar for brunch, lunch, and dinner all week long.

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