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Published: November 13, 2020

Don't Forget the Wine

There is a lot of ceremony surrounding the perfect dinner, especially when you enjoy dine-in service at 12 Cuts Brazilian Steakhouse. Fire-roasted meats, specialty sides, and organic salads are the ideal pairing for your good friends and family. But don't forget the wine. It is easy to get intimidated by a long list of names you may have never heard before but take heart. There is never a wrong answer. No restaurant does well adding bad wine to a wine list. What pairs well at 12 Cuts? It depends on what you are hungry for. Fire-roasted meats or a vegetarian meal call for different wines, but the ones you need are on the 12 Cuts wine list.

Red, White, or New?

Picture it. You and your special someone has been seated, menus presented, and now it's time to order a drink. You can always go safely to the cocktail menu and pick up something delicious. Or, you can venture into the wine list. Think of the wine list as a treasure map. Yes, the prices get higher the farther down you go, but rightly so. More treasure means more gold. But when you want to enjoy something tasty without breaking the bank, ask your waiter for something in "this varietal" and slide your finger over to the price list. Etiquette says you can circle a range of wines for your "tastes" by circling a price range. A good waiter will know what you mean and bring out something delicious and worthy of a refill or two. And 12 Cuts only has a fantastic wait staff. Once you see the wine list, you will see precisely how it works. 

Make 12 Cuts Brazilian Steakhouse your next dine-in experience with that special someone, and don't forget the wine. The chances are that special someone won't forget you either.