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Published: September 4, 2020

Enjoy 12 Cuts for Lunch

Working from home has its benefits. You can skip your commute and cut way back on your dry cleaning bills. Don't miss out on your favorite office traditions, like a fantastic Friday lunch, just because you are working from home. Enjoy the lunch menu from 12 Cuts Brazilian Steakhouse and meet every Friday with something tasty. Find the same quality prime choice skewered and seared meats, farm to table salad bar, hot specialty sides, and excellent cocktails and desserts in the middle of your day.

Enjoy 12 Cuts for Lunch

If your commute consists of walking to the dining room table and opening your laptop, you deserve to keep some office traditions alive. While you may miss out on the weekly birthday cake, you don't have to skip Friday's office lunch. Enjoy 12 Cuts for lunch and enjoy over 12 cuts of prime choice meats and grilled pineapple, table-served fresh salad, and hot specialty dishes when you choose the full churrasco lunch experience. For a deep dive into a tasty vegetarian experience, choose the fresh organic salad lunch, and enjoy table-served salad, hot specialty dishes, and grilled pineapple. Cap your week with a Friday lunch at 12 Cuts and enjoy yourself again.

Enjoy 12 Cuts for lunch and keep your best office traditions alive. Delicious cuts of meat, fresh veggies, and hot specialty sides are waiting for you.