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Published: February 7, 2020

Enjoy Prime Cuts of Meat You Crave

What's your favorite cut of beef? Do you prefer a cut that is richly marbled or something lean and made for medium-rare? Enjoy prime cuts you crave at 12 Cuts Brazilian Steakhouse and sink your teeth into something delicious. There is more to sink your teeth into than fantastic cuts of beef. Treat yourself to a luxurious organic salad bar and hot specialty bar for lunch or dinner. Discover how tasty organic fruits and vegetables pair perfectly with delicate cheeses. Every item in the organic salad bar is farm to table fresh and sure to be delicious. There is another bar at 12 Cuts you are sure to love. Enjoy delicious drinks at the bar or at your table that make you smile. Fresh ingredients are also vital when making caipirinhas or caipiroska. Start your meal with a cocktail and go where your delight takes you; you'll find something delicious.

Enjoy Prime Cuts You Crave

Longissimus Dorsi, Spinalis, and Complexus - more than a mouthful of words but so much more. These are the technical cuts that make up your Ribeye. Though you may not always see the Complexus, the rest of the group is nothing but delicious. At 12 Cuts, your Ribeye is simply Bife Ancho. What's in a name - start with location. The neighborhood this cut of beef lives in is the Beverly Hills of Beef. Richly marbled, tender, buttery-textured, there is little this cut of meat doesn't offer. Combine great flavor with incredible mouth-feel, and you learn quickly why this cut is a favorite among steak lovers. Every chef has a method on how to cook these pinnacles of beef. But 12 Cuts brings you the churrascaria experience. Step away from the New York steakhouse, and get back to the ranch. Get everything this cut can be only at 12 Cuts. 

Enjoy prime cuts you crave at 12 Cuts Brazilian Steakhouse and discover the churrascaria tradition for yourself.

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