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Published: January 22, 2021

Happy Hour at 12 Cuts

Just because things have been a little hectic lately doesn't mean you should forget to have a good time. Happy hour at 12 Cuts Brazilian Steakhouse is a good time worth sharing. Best of all, your guests at happy hour can join you for dinner. Choose from the Full Churrasco Experience or the Market Fresh Organic salad. What will be first on your plate? Best of all, when you start with happy hour, your first choice will rocks or neat. Try a fresh cocktail since good drinks are always in season. Remember to add an appetizer. As always, happy hour eats and drinks come with happy hour pricing.

Happy Hour

Start your next 12 Cuts happy hour with a tasty caipirinhas specialty cocktail. Each is handmade with premium Cachaça, Limon, sugar, and other natural flavors. You don't have to have a challenging day to enjoy happy hour. Celebrate even the smallest victory with a delicious drink and friends. If you want something more familiar, ask for the caipiroska. This cocktail is shaken up with premium vodka, Limon, sugar, and other natural flavors also. Both taste great with a proper garnish. You can also find other happy hour favorites like Bloody Mary, mimosas, and red wine. Remember to add the ideal appetizer to your drink order. Choose empanadas filled with beef, vegetable, or three cheese or the chorizo Argentino. Each pork and beef sausage is served with authentic chimichurri sauce. 

Happy hour at 12 Cuts Brazilian Steakhouse is an occasion to remember. Add your friends and dinner to your plans, and you're in for a treat.