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Published: August 21, 2020

How Sweet It Is

We all remember the rules from the dinner table. Eat your meat and vegetables, or you won't get any dessert. What use to be a chore is now easy as it can be when you enjoy a meal at 12 Cuts Brazilian Steakhouse. See how sweet it is when you enjoy a premium dessert after your incredible meal at 12 Cuts. Whether you choose the full churrasco experience or opt for the organic salad bar, you can enjoy the right dessert with your tasty meal. Treat your friends or family to something special at 12 Cuts. 

How Sweet It Is

What are you going to eat before dessert? How about any of the 12 cuts of prime choice meats and grilled pineapple? Enjoy slice after slice of seared skewered meats brought straight to your plate. Save room for dessert; it will be worth it. You can enjoy the same flights of farm to table fruits and vegetables when you opt for the organic salad bar. Don't forget hot specialty sides with unique flavor from Argentina. Once you eat your fill, it is time to entertain your sweet tooth. Will tonight be the night to enjoy Tres Leches cake? How about a fresh and custardy creme brulee? Chocolate mousse cake is decadent enough to be a meal in itself. No matter where you start on the 12 Cuts menu, you can always finish with dessert.

Discover how sweet it is to treat your friends or family to a meal at 12 Cuts Brazilian Steakhouse. There is always room for dessert when you are determined to treat yourself well.

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