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Published: February 21, 2020

Luxurious Dining Experience

It's funny how overnight successes take years of hard work. Reward the people that help you get to the top with a token of gratitude. Your group deserves the best. Enjoy a luxurious dining experience at 12 Cuts Brazilian Steakhouse that no one will ever forget. Take a moment and look around at your business. Has the year been great? Does your success make you reflect on your sacrifices? Your team has made similar sacrifices - late nights, impossible deadlines, and shoe-string catches are part of the victory. Show them your gratitude with the churrascaria experience at 12 Cuts, and they will love it. Treat them to spit-fired choice grilled meats and the market-fresh organic salad bar. A great meal can build friendships that keep your small business ship afloat when things get tough. Let your team know you will always give credit where it's due. Treat them well.

Luxurious Dining

Your team deserves more than being seated randomly inside a restaurant. Get the right people together in an elegant and welcoming space when you come to 12 Cuts. Enjoy three spacious and comfy seating areas for your next group event. The Upper Pampas room is a semi-exclusive, elevated seating area with tall windows. The architecture keeps your group separate but free to move around from table to table quickly. There is also easy access to the market fresh organic salad bar and a smooth flow of meat-bearing gauchos. Upper Pampas is the right place to recognize your best players and the success you have enjoyed. The Palermo Bar Area is the perfect mid-week morale booster. Host a company happy hour and introduce your team to traditional Brazilian and Argentinian drinks. The market-fresh organic salad bar is nearby, and so is the cooking area. Treat them to something uniquely delicious. 

Let your team enjoy a luxurious dining experience when you treat them to 12 Cuts Brazilian Steakhouse. Rise together and celebrate every victory in style.

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