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Published: January 27, 2023

Make Your Valentine's Day Reservations

If you're wondering when the right time to make plans for Valentine's Day is, ask yourself, "how soon is now?" Make your Valentine's Day Reservations to ensure you get a table at 12 Cuts Brazilian Steakhouse on Valentine's Day. So whether you begin with flowers or heart-shaped chocolates, make sure to end up with us.

Open with Cocktails

Start your vibrant Valentine's Day dinner with our traditional handmade cocktails. Enjoy the fresh flavors of our caipirinhas or caipiroskas. Of course, you can get shaken or stirred with traditional offerings like martinis. It's also never too early to order an appetizer, so share some empanadas over cocktails and start your evening right.

Fire-Roasted Flavors

Dinner service begins when you're ready to experience our fire-roasted flavors. Enjoy 12 cuts of prime meats cooked to your preference fresh off the skewer. Menu specialties like picanha and filet mignon glide off the knife and onto your plate, so savor every cut. This is your night to celebrate.

Don't Forget the Wine

What pairs well with Valentine's Day, good company, and delicious food? Wine, of course. Special occasions deserve special bottles of wine. So order something exotic and enjoy the power of the pairing. The right vintage adds an indescribable accent to every bite, so trust your instinct and order a couple of bottles for your special night.

Now is the right time to make your Valentine's Day reservation at 12 Cuts Brazilian Steakhouse. Make your special night memorable with a meal worth sharing and remembering. Now is the right time to make your Valentine's Day special at 12 Cuts Brazilian Steakhouse.

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