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Celebrate your graduate with an unforgettable meal at 12 Cuts Brazilian Steakhouse. Treat them to their favorite fire-roasted flavors and market-fresh organic salad bar. So whether your graduate is leaving high school or finishing college, 12 Cuts is the best way to celebrate!

Group Reservations

Nobody graduates on their own. Make your group reservation and recognize everyone who contributed to your graduate's success. From driving to early morning practice sessions to scheduling weekend tutors, make sure each family member gets their due with the Full-Churrasco Experience at 12 Cuts.

Happy Hour

When your graduate has earned their undergraduate, graduate, or doctorate, celebrate with a 12 Cuts dinner that begins with happy hour. If you are the happy graduate, congratulations - and remember to celebrate with a meal at 12 Cuts. What's your favorite cut of over twelve prime meats? Whatever you prefer, every skewer pairs well with a freshly made caipirinhas cocktail.


When your celebration is beyond all measure, catering from 12 Cuts is your best option. They can bring the fun and food to you. Enjoy the best selections from the 12 Cuts menu, and always remember to add hot specialty sides and dessert. Order enough to ensure plenty of leftovers to enjoy after the party ends.

Celebrate your graduate with a party to remember at 12 Cuts Brazilian Steakhouse. Whether making a group reservation or catering your celebration, 12 Cuts Brazilian Steakhouse has the food and the service you crave.

Easter is right around the corner. It's not too late to make plans to treat your loved ones to the fire-roasted goodness of 12 Cuts Brazilian Steakhouse. Treat yourself to the satisfaction of a fantastic meal. If your plans keep you at home, you can still enjoy yourself. Add 12 Cuts takeout to your Easter egg hunt this weekend. Don't miss out!

Dine-In Reservations

Whether you've enjoyed 12 Cuts before, or this is your first time, nothing beats dine-in reservations. 12 Cuts is an experience that deserves to be shared. So treat your friends to tableside skewer service and choice cuts of over twelve types of meats. Remember to leave room for grilled pineapple.

Takeout Menu

12 Cuts Brazilian Steakhouse also offers a robust takeout menu. Find selections from your familiar dine-in favorites, including meats, sides, and market-fresh organic salads. There is also a long list of desserts, so you can always find your favorites. So what are you putting on your Easter takeout order?

Family Meal Menu

What do you do if your favorite is everything? Choose any family meal options for a tasty selection of popular 12 Cuts choices. Meats, sides, and specialty dishes are always included. Of course, you can still select items a la carte to enhance your family meals menu choices. Always remember to add dessert.

Remember, Easter is April 17th, so make plans to enjoy 12 Cuts Brazilian Steakhouse this weekend. When you want the best, choose 12 Cuts.

Invite everyone to celebrate your next milestone with the unforgettable flavors of 12 Cuts Brazilian Steakhouse. Whether celebrating a graduation, a new job, or teaching your puppy to sit, treat your friends to fire-roasted goodness. When it's time to celebrate a special occasion, it's time for 12 Cuts!

Cocktail Hour

Refresh your soul with a tasty traditional cocktail before your dinner reservation at 12 Cuts. Settle into the comfy seating around the bar with your friends and relax. Try the unforgettable taste of the caipirinha full of the fresh ingredients you love. There is also an excellent selection of wines that deserve your attention.

Full Churrasco Experience

Begin your full churrasco experience at the market-fresh organic salad bar. Fill a plate with fresh veggies, cold cuts, specialty cheeses, and other familiar salad favorites. You never know what you will tasty treasure you will find. Turn your token to the green side and enjoy the tableside skewer service of fire-roasted meats when you're ready. Don't forget the grilled pineapple!

Tasty Desserts

Finish your 12 Cuts experience with a delicious dessert. Each is as fresh as every other selection. Enjoy tres leches cake, flan, or tasty creme brulee. There are also plenty of dessert-inspired drinks that you can sip to satisfy your sweet tooth. No matter what you choose, never skip dessert.

Invite everyone to celebrate your next victory with a meal at 12 Cuts Brazilian Steakhouse. Then, let the good times roll.

Easter is Sunday, April 17, so make your Easter group reservations now at 12 Cuts Brazilian Steakhouse. Treat your friends and family to the unforgettable goodness of fire-roasted prime meats and market-fresh veggies from the organic salad bar. When you want the best, you need 12 Cuts Brazilian Steakhouse.

Group Reservations

Don't both with preparing an Easter meal at home when group reservations at 12 Cuts are so easy. So please bring your family and friends for dinner no one wants to miss. What's your favorite skewer of fire-roasted meat? Don't forget the grilled pineapple - all you have to do is turn your token to green and get ready to receive your favorites served tableside.

Full Churrasco Experience

Choose the full churrasco experience and get the best that 12 Cuts offers. Start with a tour of the market-fresh organic salad bar for fresh veggies. You can also find cold cuts, fresh cheeses, and a few seasonal surprises you may not expect. Afterward, turn your token to start receiving the best of 12 cuts of prime meats and grilled pineapple. Don't forget your sides! Exotic dining is closer than you think. 

Cocktails & Desserts

Formal dinners begin with a cocktail hour, so don't worry about showing up early for your reservation. You can pass the time at the bar with traditional cocktails and fun conversations. Then, continue your enjoyment with a round or two at the table, and let the good times roll. If you like perfect pairings, as for a recommendation from the wine list. You'll never be disappointed.

Make your Easter group reservations now for an Easter meal to remember. When you crave the best fire-roasted meats and market-fresh salad, you need dinner at 12 Cuts Brazilian Steakhouse.

Spring graduations should be memorable. Celebrate your special occasion with a group reservation at 12 Cuts Brazilian Steakhouse. Treat your family and friends to a meal full of your favorite flavors and celebrate your grad in style. So skip the backyard barbecue and give your graduate the fire-roasted meal they want exclusively at 12 Cuts.

Fire-Roasted Feast

When you want to enjoy the best that 12 Cuts has to offer, treat your guests to the full churrasco experience. Here you can enjoy 12+ cuts of fire-roasted meats provided at your preferred doneness. For example, does your graduate like garlic-kissed Picanha or the richness of beef Ancho? 12+ cuts of prime meats leave plenty of options. There's also delectable grilled pineapple.

Market-Fresh Organic Salad Bar

When visiting the salad bar, your guests will love a splash of market-fresh organic veggies. There are also fresh cheeses, exotic cold cuts, and tossed salads for every taste. Fresh soups are may also be available, served at the peak of flavor like the market-fresh salad options.

Save Room for Dessert

What graduation meal is complete without the dessert course? Let your guests choose their favorite 12 Cuts desserts with extra servings for your graduate guest of honor. Start with a serving of creme brulee and finish with a dose of tres leches cake. There are also dessert drinks available for adult tastes, so feel free to choose your favorites.

Celebrate spring graduation with a memorable meal, and make your graduation reservations today. Don't miss a single bite at 12 Cuts Brazilian Steakhouse.

Celebrate your next big moment with a meal among friends and family at 12 Cuts Brazilian Steakhouse. Not only can you enjoy the best fire-roasted meats and hot specialty sides from the deep traditions of Brazil and Argentina, but also a market-fresh salad bar. Discover why 12 Cuts has won the 2022 Diners Choice award from OpenTable in every tasty bite.


OpenTable is the leading real-time reservation platform helping diners discover fresh new tastes. In their words, "We love what can happen around the restaurant table. And since 1998, we've been committed to empowering that experience. From helping restaurants of all sizes thrive to enabling diners to find and book the perfect table for every occasion, our story is one of human connection—among diners and restaurants, and between restaurants and their communities."

Diners Choice Award

Diners who have booked through OpenTable are invited to offer feedback on their dining experience, and this makes 12 Cuts Brazilian Steakhouse the latest Diners Choice Award winner. So when you want the freshest cuts of prime meats, market-fresh salads, hot specialty sides, and refreshing cocktails, make a reservation at 12 Cuts.

The 12 Cuts Experience

Every trip to 12 Cuts is your chance to enjoy the full-churrasco experience. Enjoy skewer upon skewer of freshly fire-roasted meats cut tableside and at your preferred doneness. Of course, there are also hot specialty sides you will love, like garlic mashed potatoes and crispy fried polenta. But whether you prefer the tasty meats or market-fresh salad bar, you can always find something for every taste at 12 Cuts.

See why 12 Cuts Brazilian Steakhouse is a Diners Choice winner and make your group reservation through OpenTable. There is always a reason to celebrate at 12 Cuts!

Open your Spring Break with 12 Cuts Brazilian Steakhouse. Celebrate your first mini-vacation of the year with the unforgettable flavors of your favorite fire-roasted meats. Whatever your favorite dish, enjoy them all right here at 12 Cuts.


Start your dinner properly with cocktails filled with the freshest ingredients. Whether at the table or in the bar, 12 Cuts' selection of traditional cocktails is refreshing and delicious. Enjoy caipirinhas with premium Cachaça, Limon, Sugar, various natural flavors. You can also enjoy familiar favorites like tasty house wines from their expansive wine list.

Fire-Roasted Meats

At 12 Cuts Brazilian Steakhouse, you can choose from your favorite cuts of fire-roasted meats when you enjoy the full churrasco experience. Enjoy featured meats like:

Fresh Desserts

Never miss a bite of your favorite desserts after your meal. What is your favorite? How about a delicious slice of chocolate mousse cake made from layers of white and dark chocolate mousse and chocolate cake. Of course, what meal is complete without tres leches cake? Indulge in a cake soaked in three types of milk topped with vanilla mousse and salted caramel dulce de Leite. Satisfy your sweet tooth at 12 Cuts.

Start spring break with 12 Cuts Brazilian Steakhouse and celebrate your freedom with friends and family. From fire-roasted meats to delectable desserts, 12 Cuts is the perfect spot for your next indulgent dinner.

Now is the perfect time to break from your busy schedule and book a group reservation at 12 Cuts Brazilian Steakhouse. Host your friends or your family to their favorite fir- roasted meats and hot specialty sides. Whether celebrating one of life's milestones or simply bringing the gang together, nothing beats a meal at 12 Cuts.

Cocktail Hour

Arrive an hour before your dinner reservation and enjoy a cocktail hour at the bar. Sip your favorite traditional cocktails like the caipirinhas packed with fresh seasonal citrus. Of course, classic dinner cocktails are still available, but you should be daring and experiment. The cocktail hour is also a fantastic place to stick appetizers into your dinner plans.

Full Churrasco Experience

Once you are seated, be prepared to enjoy the full churrasco experience. Indulge in every skewer of fire-roasted meats or stick to your favorites. Discover full flavor in every bite, cooked to your ideal doneness. You can also access the market-fresh organic salad bar for your favorite greens and cold sides. Don't forget to save room for the hot specialty sides like fried polenta and garlic mashed potatoes.


Nothing caps an evening at 12 Cuts like the perfect dessert. Whether your ideal dessert is served with a spoon or on the rocks, there is something for everyone to enjoy. Every dessert at 12 Cuts pairs with every main course, making every dining experience one to remember.

Group reservations are now available at 12 Cuts Brazilian Steakhouse. So make your dinner worth remembering and enjoy yourself.

Now is the perfect time for a radical Spring breakout with a family meal at 12 Cuts Brazilian Steakhouse. Feast your fam with their favorites. Whether you have young children or are hosting adults and grandkids, treat them to 12 Cuts for Spring Break. What are your favorite fire-roasted meats and hot specialty sides? Try them all today!

Take a Break

Put a natural pause between the holiday rush and busy summer with a Spring Break meal at 12 Cuts. So call in your group reservation today and enjoy the spacious and luxurious 12 Cuts dining room. Nothing beats fast service from the gaucho waiters. So whether you are ordering something red and tasty from the wine menu or the latest meat skewer, the service is fast and precise.

Perfect Pairings

Every hot specialty side is the perfect pairing to every meat on the 12 Cuts menu. You can indulge in every offering from fresh Picanha to perfectly seared beef Ancho. Family favorites are best accompanied by mashed potatoes, Brazilian cheese bread, and crispy fried polenta. So what are your favorite sides?

Remember Dessert

No family meal is complete without the perfect dessert. Add a slice of three-layered mousse cake or New York Cheesecake to finish your meal. There is also a generous selection of dessert wines and adult coffees. But no rule suggests you can't complete your meal with a caipirinha.

Make your spring break better with a spring breakout meal at 12 Cuts Brazilian Steakhouse. Make your reservation today!