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When it comes to Brazilian steakhouses, there's a signature dish that often steals the spotlight: Picanha. At 12 Cuts Brazilian Steakhouse, this delicious treat isn't just a menu item; it's a testament to the art of Brazilian cooking. Let's take a journey through the flavors and traditions of the perfect culinary cut.

A Cut Above the Rest

If you're unfamiliar with the term, Picanha refers to a prized cut of beef located at the back of the animal, right above the tail. This top sirloin cap is tender, juicy, and possesses a layer of fat that, when cooked, becomes a melt-in-the-mouth experience. Brazil cherishes this cut, often considering it the best part of a barbecue, and rightly so. Every bite of Picanha offers a rich, beefy flavor enhanced by its natural fats, making it a favorite for many.

The Culinary Secret To It's Preparation

At 12 Cuts Brazilian Steakhouse, the Picanha preparation is nothing short of an art form. The beef is seasoned only with coarse salt – nothing more, nothing less. This minimal seasoning ensures that the natural flavors of the meat remain front and center. Once seasoned, it's skewered and grilled over open flames. As the exterior gets a crispy, golden crust, the inside retains its juicy softness. It's this striking contrast that makes each bite an explosion of flavor.

Why 12 Cuts Makes it Perfect

So, what makes the Picanha at 12 Cuts stand out in a sea of Brazilian steakhouses? Firstly, it's about sourcing quality beef. We understand the value of fresh, prime cuts and ensure that the Picanha we serve meets these high standards. Then, there's the ambiance. The warmth of the place, the inviting aromas, and the sizzle of meat on the grill all contribute to a sensory delight.

The perfect culinary cut of meat awaits you at 12 Cuts Brazilian Steakhouse! We eagerly await to serve you. See you there!