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Now is the perfect time to upgrade your Thanksgiving dinner with reservations at 12 Cuts Brazilian Steakhouse. We're open on Thanksgiving so let us do the cooking. So instead of worrying over what to prepare for your guests, invite your favorite people to Thanksgiving dinner with us.

Full Churrasco Experience

Expand your imagination of what makes Thanksgiving dining great with the full churrasco experience. Enjoy over twelve cuts of prime meats, fire-roasted to perfection. You can also enjoy plenty of sides like garlic mashed potatoes and Brazilian cheese bread. So what are your favorite sides at 12 Cuts Brazilian Steakhouse?

Seasonal Favorite

If you don't call it Thanksgiving until you see a turkey, you are in for a treat. You can still enjoy your favorite holiday bird prepared the only way we know how. So come in and enjoy a seasonal surprise, and you won't be disappointed. Give your gobbler plenty of company with the rest of our fire-roasted menu. You will be glad you did.

Something for Everyone

With so many selections on the menu, there's something for everyone. You and your guests will love indulging in every selection from the market-fresh salad bar. There is also a full menu of tasty wines, cocktails, and fresh desserts. Make your Thanksgiving special at 12 Cuts Brazilian Steakhouse.

Upgrade your Thanksgiving dinner at 12 Cuts Brazilian Steakhouse. With seasonal favorites and familiar churrascaria flavors, you can have it all.

If you love hosting but not the prep or clean up, upgrade your holiday meals with a holiday booking at 12 Cuts Brazilian Steakhouse. When you book your party at 12 Cuts Brazilian Steakhouse, you can have all the fun with no hassle. Best of all, 12 Cuts Brazilian Steakhouse has a holiday booking special where you get a $200 gift card when you book a party of 20 or more. Restrictions apply, so contact the restaurant for more details.

Full Churrasco Experience

Treat your guests to the premium flavors of over twelve cuts of prime, fire-roasted meats with the Full Churrasco experience. Indulge in skewer after skewer of perfectly prepared meats. So whether you love the Picanha or the Fraldinha, everyone can find their favorites.

Market-Fresh Organic Salad Bar

Every Full Churrasco experience comes with unlimited access to the Market Fresh Organic Salad Bar. Indulge in the freshest seasonal veggies and plenty of your favorites. You can also find fresh cheeses and cold meats. So remind your guests to tour the salad bar early and often.


What holiday party is complete without cocktails? Enjoy a handmade Caipirinha or Caipiroska to start your holiday party and get everyone into a festive mood. 12 Cuts Brazilian Steakhouse also has a great wine menu for the perfect pairing with the meal. Of course, you can't forget an excellent selection of dessert-style drinks and fresh desserts like Tres Leches cake.

Upgrade your holiday meals with a holiday booking at 12 Cuts Brazilian Steakhouse. Enjoy the best of holiday parties without the hassle with a 12 Cuts Brazilian Steakhouse holiday booking today!

Christmas trees appear in popular shopping spots well before Halloween. So take this as a clue about when to book your holiday party at 12 Cuts Brazilian Steakhouse. The truth is, it's never too early to start making your holiday plans. So if part of your holiday tradition is a large dinner with friends and family, look to 12 Cuts to book your holiday party.

Twenty or More

Are you worried about the logistics of hosting a large holiday dinner? Enjoy hassle-free party planning and book your group of twenty or more at 12 Cuts. Then, treat your special guests to a stylish dine-in experience with service you never have to sweat. When you want to enjoy the best fire-roasted flavors, you need 12 Cuts Brazilian Steakhouse.

$200 Gift Card

Best of all, when you book your dine-in holiday party of twenty or more, you receive a $200 gift card. Restrictions apply, so contact 12 Cuts for full details. So not only can you enjoy a stress-free holiday booking, but you get to sit back and enjoy with all of your guests. If it's your turn to host the family party, make your plans at 12 Cuts.

A Party Worth Remembering

Nothing beats the fire-roasted flavors of over twelve cuts of prime meats. Guests can also enjoy the market-fresh organic salad bar, hot specialty sides, premium desserts, and specialty cocktails. So start your holiday party with a cocktail hour, then pass the evening enjoying everything 12 Cuts offers. You deserve a holiday party worth remembering. 12 Cuts can make it happen.

Book your holiday party of twenty or more guests and receive a $200 gift card. Holidays are better at 12 Cuts Brazilian Steakhouse. Availability fills quickly, so act now.

Now through the end of October, when you make your group reservations of twenty dine-in guests or more, you will receive a gift card for $200. Restrictions apply, so remember to contact the restaurant for further details. With the holidays around the corner, making your holiday reservations is never too early. So treat your large group to the fantastic flavors of 12 Cuts Brazilian Steakhouse.

Family Dinners

The Holidays will be here sooner than you think. So make plans to gather your friends and family for a great meal. Of course, this all begins with the perfect holiday reservation. If there is anyone in your circle that hasn't experienced the magical dishes at 12 Cuts, now is the ideal time to initiate them.

Holiday Meals

Nothing beats the fire-roasted flavors of twelve cuts of prime meats. Enjoy serving after serving of your favorites alongside grilled pineapple. So what pairs perfectly with fire-roasted meats? The right wine, of course. You can find the perfect pairing for every cut of meat, so order a few bottles for the table.

Don't Forget Dessert

Add the perfect finish to your 12 Cuts banquet with a table full of desserts. Dive into tres leches cake, creme brulee, or chocolate mousse cake. There are also plenty of after-dinner drinks and exotic cocktails. What makes a dinner special is the company you keep, so keep the good times rolling with your friends and family with drinks and dessert.

Start your hassle-free holiday bookings with the holiday booking special extended through October. Make your reservations today!

The holidays are right around the corner. That's why 12 Cuts Brazilian Steakhouse is extending a special offer to make your holiday feasts hassle-free. Now through the end of October, when you make your group reservations of twenty dine-in guests or more, you will receive $200 off. Of course, restrictions apply, so contact 12 Cuts today to book your party and get more details about this special offer.

Holiday Dinners

Nothing beats gathering with your favorite people to celebrate the holidays. October begins the holiday season, so start making your plans to gather for a great meal. Treat your friends and family to the full-churrasco experience so they can enjoy their fire-roasted favorites. Don't forget plenty of servings of grilled pineapple.

Family Dinners

Family dinners are better with family-style sides. Choose mashed potatoes, black beans and rice, or crispy fried polenta. There is also cheese bread and hot Argentinian empanadas to enjoy. Each hot specialty side pairs perfectly with every fire-roasted meat from 12 Cuts. Finally, don't forget to add the perfect bottles of wine. Don't know which to choose? No worries, 12 Cuts always has the best advice for choosing wines.

Veggie Delights

There's more to 12 Cuts Brazilian Steakhouse than over twelve cuts of prime meats. Explore the market-fresh salad bar for the best in-season selections. For something extra special, you can also find fresh cheeses and cold-cut meats at the salad bar. There's no limit to how many times you can enjoy the market-fresh salad bar, so try something new every time.

Cocktails and Desserts

Add a round of caipirinhas or caipiroskas to your large holiday party, and let the good times roll. You don't have to be in the middle of summer to enjoy a refreshing cocktail, so order early and often. There are also traditional drinks available so everyone can find something they like. Finally, make this holiday season worth remembering with a large group dinner at 12 Cuts.

The holiday booking special is extended through October, so call 12 Cuts Brazilian Steakhouse today! Your hassle-free holiday season starts with reservations at 12 Cuts. Don't delay.

Homecoming season is around the corner, so start planning. But, of course, there is more to think about than limos and formal wear, especially the eternal question, "Where do we eat?" So make homecoming special with 12 Cuts Brazilian Steakhouse. A night to remember deserves a special dinner.

Make it Special

As tempting as fast food can be to homecoming budgets, remember that this is your night to shine. Take your formally attired friends to 12 Cuts and enjoy premium service in a beautiful environment. Your formal wear won't be out of place here. 12 Cuts is the right place to strut in your tux or gown.

Group Reservations

12 Cuts is the perfect place to bring your homecoming group for a pre-dance dinner. Group reservations of twenty people or more are never a problem at 12 Cuts. Nobody has to miss a bite when there is space to accommodate your large dining party.

Plenty of Variety

Are your friends' picky eaters? No problem. Not only does 12 Cuts Brazilian steakhouse offer prime cuts of meat, but there is also a market-fresh organic salad bar. Here meat-eaters and veggie lovers can co-exist in total bliss. Take a tour of the salad bar or enjoy plates of hot specialty sides alongside perfectly roasted meats. Don't forget dessert!

Make homecoming special with 12 Cuts Brazilian Steakhouse. Book your group reservation early so you won't miss out.

Just when you thought you had to invent a reason to enjoy fine dining, there's another special from 12 Cuts Brazilian Steakhouse. Through the end of September, when you bring in six+ dine-in guests, one guest eats for free - some restrictions apply. So gather your friends and make your 12 Cuts reservation today.

Bring in Six+ Special

What occasions have you let slip by lately? Promotions? Raises? Anniversaries? Birthdays? Well, no more. Gather your party together and book your reservation today. There's no waiting to take advantage of this special. One person eats for free if you bring in 6+ guests for dine-in. Check for additional details and restrictions once you arrive for your reservation, or contact 12 Cuts in advance.

12 Cuts of Prime Meats

What is your favorite skewer of fire-roasted meat? Maybe you have a penchant for grilled pineapple? Whatever your cut, you can have it to your preferred doneness cut fresh from the skewer. Remember to ask your gaucho for the perfect wine pairing for your meal and order a bottle. You will be glad you did.

Market-Fresh Organic Salad

But there are more than fire-roasted meats in your full churrasco experience. Enjoy the freshest tastes available with the market-fresh organic salad bar. Discover plenty of in-season veggies and interesting cold meats and cheeses. There is always something wonderful to try.

Enjoy another special from 12 Cuts Brazilian Steakhouse when you bring in 6+ dine-in guests, and the seventh eats free. Restrictions apply, so contact 12 Cuts today!

Celebrate National Caipirinha Day at 12 Cuts Brazilian Steakhouse on Tuesday, September 13th! Join in Happy Hour and toast Brazil's national drink. Even if you have never traveled to South America, you don't have to miss out on refreshing flavor. So come to 12 Cuts and make a toast.


The heart of the Caipirinha is cachaça, a spirit as central to Brazilian tradition as samba. Of course, Cachaça can also be enjoyed neat. But when you pair it with fresh lime juice and sugar, you have a perfectly blended caipirinha. This sweet beverage is fantastic on hot days and pairs well with modern bar food, tapas, and traditional Brazilian fare.


Cachaça is similar to rum in that it is derived from sugar cane, but that's where their similarities end. Cachaça comes from the fermented juice of sugarcane instead of being distilled from molasses like rum. That's why Cachaça offers a unique earthy flavor that adds an extra flavor dimension beyond sweetness found in other hot weather cocktails.


Ironically, little has changed about how a Caipirinha has been made over the centuries. Although many believe it appeared alongside the distillation of sugarcane extracts, most recorded history centers around the early 1900s. But whether you enjoy the ingredients as straight additions or add a bartender's art, there's no denying that the Caipirinha is here to stay. So grab your friends and enjoy National Caipirinha Day at 12 Cuts Brazilian Steakhouse on September 13th.

National Caipirinha Day is September 13th, so make plans to enjoy Happy Hour at 12 Cuts. Grab your friends, raise a glass to Brazil's national drink, and enjoy yourself.

Everyone feels special when invited to date night at 12 Cuts Brazilian Steakhouse. So treat your special someone to a meal they won't forget. And remember, it's a good idea to start date night with a 12 Cuts Happy Hour. So why wait? Make your reservations for a night to remember.

Fresh Cocktails

Begin date night with a toast. Order caipirinhas made with premium Cachaça, Limon, sugar, and other natural flavors. A favorite variation on this theme is the Caipiroska, where Cachaça is replaced with premium vodka. Either way, fresh cocktails at 12 Cuts are delicious.

Full-Churrasco Experience

Finish your cocktails or order another round once seated at your table. Your gaucho waiter will bring whatever you desire. Then when you are ready, the feast can begin. The full-churrasco experience offers over twelve cuts of prime meats, open access to the market-fresh salad bar, plenty of hot specialty dishes, and delicious grilled pineapple.


Nothing tops an evening of feasting at 12 Cuts Brazilian Steakhouse like dessert. Are you ready to share your favorite? Experience tres leches cake made of cake soaked in three types of milk topped with vanilla mousse and salted caramel dulce de leite. There is also creme brulee and chocolate mousse cake. 

Enjoy a tasty date night at 12 Cuts Brazilian Steakhouse, where fun is always on the menu. So make your reservation today and enjoy yourself.