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Published: January 31, 2020

What is Dinner Without Drinks?

Enjoying the churrascaria experience at 12 Cuts Brazilian Steakhouse means more than eating prime cuts of meat. If they were talking about the meal, they would call it dinner. Imagine more than a meal when you take your friends for the ultimate dining experience. Elegant, exotic, and delicious; meals at 12 Cuts offer more than satisfaction. These endless plates of pure joy deliver dining on an entirely new level. Preparing for a dining experience like this requires proper preparation. No one should walk into 12 Cuts and dive in. Spend your first minutes after being seated, soaking it all in. Look at the elegant fixtures and design of the restaurant. Feel the soft fabric tablecloths. Even your chair is comfortable - inviting you to spend some time inside pure hospitality. Depending on your seat, you can see the skewers of meat roasting and the fresh organic salad bar chilling. 

What is Dinner Without Drinks?

The first thing your host asks is about drinks. This question has nothing to do with thirst. "What would you like to drink?" is an invitation to relax and enjoy. If you enjoy wine or cocktails, 12 Cuts can impress you. Their wine suggestions always pair with the type of churrascaria experience you will enjoy. Alternatively, a lively cocktail is perfect for the pre-dinner chat with your table guests. Set the tone for the table by ordering caipirinhas. Refreshing and delicious, this cocktail pairs best with great stories from old friends. You don't need the heat of summer to enjoy the citrusy zest this drink shares. Vodka fans can enjoy the caipiroska, a cousin to caipirinhas, with vodka instead of premium cachaca. Cocktails in hand, toast your good fortune, the year to come, or good health to all. Then sip, relax, and laugh. Take in the atmosphere you help create.

Whether wine or cocktails, what is dinner without drinks? Make your selection and enjoy yourself at 12 Cuts Brazilian Steakhouse tonight.

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