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Published: January 29, 2021

Always Remember Dessert

Making 12 Cuts Brazilian Steakhouse part of your dinner plans is always the right move. Whether dine-in, takeout, or delivery, 12 Cuts serves all the dishes you have come to love. Choose from the Family Meal packages or the takeout menu when you want 12 Cuts to go. Each dish you can enjoy dine-in is available. But no matter what fire-seared meat or a fresh market salad and hot specialty side you choose, always remember dessert. Nothing finishes off a delicious 12 Cuts meal like a succulent dessert.

Remember Dessert

The variety of desserts at 12 Cuts is no accident. Each is the perfect complement to the many fire-roasted types of meat you can enjoy. Even if you choose only salad and hot specialty sides, there is always a dessert that's the perfect pairing. What dessert will you try first? How about flan? Flan is one of the most popular desserts you find at 12 Cuts. This creamy Brazilian custard melts in your mouth. The subtle sweetness is enhanced with coffee. For something more exotic, try the Cafe Flan that is a homemade Argentinian coffee custard. You can still find traditional favorites like New York-style cheesecake that goes with everything. Tres Leches and Chocolate cake are always on the favorites list. Each is moist and flavorful and a great way to finish a meal at 12 Cuts.

Always remember dessert when you dine-in, takeout, or have 12 Cuts Brazilian Steakhouse delivered to your door. Enjoy your next meal at 12 Cuts.