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Published: August 7, 2020

12 Cuts Takeout Tonight

Cooking at home has its charms. Getting the family together, each member doing their part to prep the ingredients before putting it in the pots and pans to cook can be magical. But cooking at home all the time can be stressful. At some point, your carrot peeler will go on strike, and so will you. But tiring of cooking at home doesn't mean you have to hit the drive-thru and talk into a box to get food. Treat your family, who is also your kitchen staff, to a meal at 12 Cuts Brazilian Steakhouse. Let everyone discover the full flavors of traditional Brazilian churrascaria-style skewered and seared meats. Try 12 Cuts takeout tonight!

12 Cuts Takeout Tonight

Going to a restaurant is exhilarating. But if your family prefers pajamas and television to a night out, you can still relax and enjoy 12 Cuts Brazilian Steakhouse. Go online and order all of your favorite ala cartes or as a complete meal package. Just because you are ordering takeout doesn't mean you have to miss anything from their menu. A caipirinhas cocktail is still the perfect start to a meal, whether in your dining room or 12 Cuts dining room. Leave plenty of room for dessert and Argentinian-inspired sides after you enjoy your favorite cuts of meat. Savor every bite with the perfect bottle of wine, and you can get it all from the same place. 

Try 12 Cuts takeout tonight and reward your family with a night off. Remember that 12 Cuts is the perfect reward to treat yourself.

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