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Published: February 28, 2020

Regular Churrasco Experience

Power lunches are still part of Dallas's business landscape. Although long gone are the four Martini lunches, there is still a tradition of taking valuable clients out for meals. Whether you are saying thank you or putting a little icing on the cake towards your next deal, have your next client lunch at 12 Cuts Brazilian Steakhouse. There is nothing more luxurious than slices of perfectly seared meats served alongside an organic salad bar. Can you still have drinks over lunch? Absolutely. Satisfy your craving for spirits with the pure flavor of caipirinhas. Toast your business relationship as you look forward to fortunes for years to come. Start thinking to yourself, "What makes the perfect client lunch?" With so many options to choose from at 12 Cuts, it can be challenging to pick well. But don't worry. The perfect lunch is already waiting for you. It all starts right here.

Regular Churrasco Experience

When you treat your client to the regular Churrasco Experience, they're in for something unique. Frankly, there's nothing regular about it. Perfect for client lunches during the week, all the flavors you crave are available. Start with your choice of over eight options of Prime Cuts of meat. Fill your plates with perfectly seared beef served at the doneness you prefer. Follow on with the Fresh Market to Table salad bar. Nothing pairs as well with delicious prime cuts of beef like fresh garden vegetables. You can also find prime cheeses and fresh fruits. Take advantage of the Hot Specialty Dishes and see how far flavor can go. Enjoy the perfect between meat snack with grilled pineapple - there is nothing like it. Remember to save some room for dessert. Each offering in the Regular Churrasco Experience can keep everyone smiling throughout the meal. Give your clients something to remember.

Host your next client lunch at 12 Cuts Brazilian Steakhouse and enjoy the Regular Churrasco Experience. Taste extraordinary.

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