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Published: April 26, 2021

What's on the Menu for Mother's Day

Just a friendly reminder: Mother's Day is May 9th. What's on the menu for Mother's Day? Make sure the answer is 12 Cuts Brazilian Steakhouse. Treat the mothers in your life to a special meal full of their favorite Brazilian flavors. You have plenty of options this Mother's Day with dine-in, takeout, or a catered 12 Cuts dining experience. No matter how you enjoy it, 12 Cuts is always the right answer.

Pre-Order Takeout this Mother's Day

Let mom enjoy the full churrasco experience takeout-style. Pre-order takeout this Mother's Day, and be sure to remember what mom wants. Choose from fire-roasted meats, hot specialty dishes, and fresh salads. Of course, remember to leave plenty of room for dessert and a few cocktails.

Mother's Day at 12 Cuts

If you want to enjoy the 12 Cuts dining room, make your reservations early. Plenty of moms love 12 Cuts, be sure you don't miss out. Dine-in lets you enjoy full table service of every fire-roasted meat and roasted pineapple that 12 Cuts offers. Remember table service of hot specialty dishes and salads. Lunch is your chance to give mom what she wants.

Full Churrasco Experience or Market Fresh Organic Salad

What will mom pick for the perfect Mother's Day meal? How about the full churrasco experience with over 12 cuts of fire-roasted meats, hot specialty dishes, table-served salad, and grilled pineapple. Or will it be the market-fresh organic salad with table-served salad, hot specialty dishes, and more amazing grilled pineapple? Start with cocktails and make sure mom enjoys it.

What's on the menu for Mother's Day? Answer mom with "12 Cuts Brazilian Steakhouse" and see the biggest smile you've seen since you were born. Treat mom well with a meal at 12 Cuts!

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